dust chamber

This instrument allows to determine the access to solid parts “IP” protection degree at first characteristic numeral 5 and 6.
Dust-protected (dust chamber) enclosures to numeral 5 allow a limited quantity of dust to penetrate under certain conditions.
Dust-tight enclosures to numeral 6 do not allow any dust to penetrate.
The material under test is put inside an hermetically closed room in which some powered talc is suspended and circulated by means of a system of fans.

Realized according to the Standards: IEC 60529 – IEC 60068-2-68 (La2) – ISO 26053 – DIN 40050

Dust chamber features:

  • The dust chamber is divided in two parts:
    - Upper part: the real room to contain the test pieces
    - Lower part: hopper for talc collection and compartment for circulating pumps
  • Talc circulation system with radial fans which suck in from the lower part of the hopper and force, passing through an outer duct, into the upper part of the room through a distribution vane Vibrators on the hopper to avoid talc deposit
  • Electric socket/outlet, inside the room, to connect test specimen
  • Pre-heating system to eliminate internal dampness
  • Compensating filter of interior and exterior pressure
  • Available version with vacuum pump for depression inside the “category 2” enclosures
  • Electrical control board with microprocessor to set and visualize the test parameters
  • Available Version with IP5K-IP6K test cycle (6 sec. of dust movement, 15 minutes break with cycle counter) according to ISO 20653 and DIN 40050-1 standards.
  • Available version for SAE J575 Standard
  • Special dimensions or design on customer’s request